Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.7


A screensaver that creates relaxing images with special raindrop effects.

The benefits of having a screensaver are many, and just by the name you understand exactly what it does. But there is one major problem with most screensavers, and that's the fact that they use the same image in the same place on your monitor all the time. This can negatively affect your monitor in the long term, and create a burn image on the screen that you will always see. In order to remove that chance, and still have a great screensaver, they created Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.0. As the name might indicate to you, Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.0 is a relaxing and harmonious animated screensaver that uses a popular algorithm and special effects to create waves and raindrops across the desktop.

Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.0 is especially designed to avoid having the same image in the same place all the time. It does this by automatically changing the image on the screen to therefore make sure that each are of the screen gets a different use at different times while your computer is idle.

In Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.0 you will see fabulous rain drops falling, and waves washing across the screen, all hyper-realistic. You can adjust the timing and density of the water, and include a clock if you wish.

So if you want a relaxing, animated screensaver that genuinely saves your screen, then you need Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver 1.0. And you can download it for free!


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